Eco-Friendly Pesticides & Products

Hedge Natural Defense is committed to environmental sustainability. All of our products are beneficial to target plants and will not harm the surrounding environment. Our products never emit harsh fumes, pose no threat to aquatic life, will not contaminate ground water and carry no hazardous risks to human applicators. Our eco-friendly pesticide products all carry the No Trace, OMRI and Minimum Risk designations as defined below:

The NO TRACE Promise is what truly sets Hedge Natural Defense organic pesticide products apart from the competition. When plants are treated weekly with Hedge Natural Defense non-toxic pesticide products and sent in for post-harvest laboratory testing, the certificate of analysis (CofA) reports are clear: NO TRACE FOUND of toxic pesticidal chemicals and NO TRACE FOUND of microbial contamination (molds, etc). 

For a plant or extract to register no trace in both categories is a true anomaly. Typically, in order to inhibit all microbial growth, toxic chemicals must be used. And conversely, by removing all toxic chemicals, microbial growth cannot be adequately contained. 

Important: Hedge Natural Defense products do not negate the effects of other products already used on or near target plants. If other chemicals have already been used on or nearby target plants, a NO TRACE analysis may fail. Always thoroughly assess the water quality and ingredients of all fertilizers and other nutrient products for organic production suitability. When used in isolation, plants treated with only Hedge Natural Defense products pass NO TRACE analysis with confidence. Hedge Natural Defense stands behind the purity of its own products. When combined with other products, the promise cannot be guaranteed. 





The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a trusted third-party nonprofit organization that technically assesses input products according to the USDA National Organic Program Standards. Compliant products are awarded a listing and rights to bear the OMRI seal on products and advertising materials, signifying to buyers that the product is safe for use in Organic Production.  

Hedge Natural Defense non-toxic pesticides are legally categorized as Minimum Risk Pesticides in the United States. Minimum Risk Pesticides are those that the EPA has determined pose little to no risk to human health or the environment.