About Us

Hedge Natural Defense is a family-owned business & product line developed in America's Heartland. Having grown up on and around family farms, and now operating in offices surrounded by Iowa corn fields, the founders of Hedge Natural Defense have a deep appreciation for and commitment to American farms and food production worldwide.
Hedge Natural Defense products empower farmers, gardeners and hobby growers to raise the healthiest and most beautiful plants possible without making environmental compromises. Thanks to our proprietary manufacturing process, we’ve been creating non-toxic protective coatings for over 20 years, and we are thrilled to have perfected a formula for use on plants. Our water-based plant protectants are free of harsh chemicals, have no adverse effects on plants or their surroundings and promote organic integrity. Hedge protected plants not only thrive, but are eligible for the highest levels of organic certification.
We love hearing all the stories and receiving pictures of prize-winning flowers, record-breaking cucumbers and perfect berries. But most of all, we love to hear the triumphs of growers battling devastating crop disease that have saved their harvest - thanks to our products.