Organic Garden Pesticide

Hedge Natural Defense Plant Protectant is the the clear choice when shopping for organic pesticides. Growers are often put in a compromising position when battling pests in the greenhouse, outdoor garden or field. Unfortunately, the choices available for non-chemical pest control products are few and far between. And of the few options on the market, performance results typically fall far below their chemical-heavy counterparts.  

Hedge Natural Defense Plant Protectant is an Organic Pest Control solution in a class of its own. OMRI listed as an environmentally safe insecticide and fungicide, plants treated weekly with Plant Protectant boast incredible resilience to plant diseases such as leaf rust, brown spot and powdery mildew. Small, biting and nuisance insects are kept at bay, while plant processing efficiency skyrockets. Plants truly love it! With no trace chemical residue left behind on harvested plants, growers can feel good about protecting their plants with the very best.

Unlike common chemical-heavy pest-management solutions, Hedge Natural Defense Plant Protectant is harmless to humans, plants and animals. The gentle water-based formula requires minimal protective equipment (safety glasses and long sleeves suggested), there are no harsh fumes associated with application, and there is no risk of chemical skin burns.

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