Industrial Hemp Support

Industrial Hemp, a low-THC and non drug variant of the Cannabis plant family, is growing in popularity amongst US Farmers and states. Industrial hemp has many valuable end uses, such as clothing, biofeuls, construction materials, paper, health foods, organic body care and medicinal oils. Guidance and regulatory support surrounding Industrial Hemp cultivation is not well established, with a shortage of products able to provide powerful defense against hemp plant disease and pests while safeguarding the integrity of the plant itself. 

Vital Grow & Protect is a non toxic pesticide capable of shielding Industrial Hemp plants from many of the factors that can make growing a commercial crop difficult, primarily plant disease and destructive insects.  Compounded by indoor growing, oil-heavy plants are a magnet for molds and bugs, resulting in headaches and plant loss for growers.  Vital Grow & Protect truly shines when faced with such difficult growing challenges. Vital Grow & Protect has demonstrated its ability to ward off Powdery Mildew, even in the absence of temperature and humidity controls, as outlined in a Hedge Natural Defense case study.

Fibers and oils extracted from Hedge-protected Industrial Hemp show no signs of microbial contamination or chemical pesticide residue, enabling products to command top dollar for purity.

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