Industrial Hemp Pesticide Trial

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Client Summary

The founder of B Family Farms has amassed an incredible knowledge base in the market of Industrial Hemp, emerging as an industry expert in plant growth, horticulture, strain development, and yield development.  In addition to the oversight of his own farming operations, he also serves as an educator, coach and advisor to other farmers across the US and Canada. He uses his knowledge and experience to help farmers increase and improve their yields. In recent years he has become a consultant internationally for large hemp growers in multiple countries throughout the world from Brazil to Armenia. Today he is often found video conferencing, coordinating farmers' processes and coaching them through the growing cycle. He counsels for large farms in Europe as well as up and coming hemp farms ranging from 250 acres to 1.2 million acres and has more than 1.2 million acres under his control

Most recently he participated in committees that served as the foundation of Oregon law and on a federal level contributing his experience in Oregon, Colorado, and Washington, (the top three states for hemp), to create sustainable solutions for crafting and unleashing the potential of the U.S. Farm Bill.

Client Testimonial

"We purchased Hedge after hearing raving reviews and looking into the information and case studies on how well it worked for the cultivation of coffee and produce. We were skeptical and wanted to try it out on our crops at the family farm. We initially sprayed the seeds that we were germinating and it became quickly clear that there was something to it as our seed germination rate and seed survival rate increased by about 35%.

Once we saw results with our seeds we decided to spray some of the crop growing in the field. We sprayed these grown plants twice a month and noticed the bugs and powdery mildew was being driven away. The plants we sprayed with Hedge yielded 23% more than the plants we didn’t spray.

Once we harvested we decided to spray our end product, the harvested biomass, before storage and transportation and it prevented any growth of mold. We even had some infected plants that we thought were a lost cause and sprayed half of them once a week. Within a few weeks the plants we sprayed looked healthy and happy again, we were blown away with the results and took some pictures comparing the half we sprayed with the other half we did not spray.

Besides the effectiveness and higher yields, we appreciated that we felt good about our family using this natural product rather than a chemical pesticide as we felt it was safe for our family, our pets, and our lands ecosystem. We did not have to use hazmat suits or respirators; we were able to simply use an atomizer to apply the Hedge