Hedge Natural Defense Effects on Organic Strawberry Plants

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An existing organic strawberry patch consisting of unfertilized, clay-filled soil was equally divided into two sections and marked off for testing. Plants had already begun to emerge in both sections, but due to late freezings, coverage was uneven. At the time of dividing the plot, there was no noticeable difference in size, color or health of any of the plants. All plants received the same amount of sun, shade and water. No selective pruning was conducted in either section. No other products were applied to any plants.

  • Section A received only water, and
  • Section B received water + HND Plant Protectant every 3-5 days, applied with an electrostatic sprayer.

Trial Start Date: 05/09/2017
Trial End Date: 06/18/2017


  • 24 hours after first treatment, Section B (right) appeared noticeably darker and "greener".
  • Treated plants appeared healthier and "greener"throughout the treated patch in comparison to the untreated patch. As the season advanced, invasive vines began growing at an incredible rate in the treated patch. The vine growth was not contained and vines became intertwined throughout the treated strawberry plants. Vine growth was completely absent in untreated patch.

Berries were collected from the entire patch on five dates.

  • On average, berries collected from the treated patch were noticeably larger and on par in appearance with those found at a supermarket.
  • As shown in Table 1, even though the treated patch produced fewer berries, the total harvest weight of the treated patch was greater than untreated.
  • Treated berries tasted exactly the same as the untreated, organic berries.