Hedge Natural Defense effects on Marigolds


M.A. operates a large-scale farm specializing in corn & soybean production. As a hobby, M.A. grows many varieties of ornamental flowers around the homestead. A small yet impressive trial was conducted, outlined as follows:

  • Planted 11 “ANTIQUE YELLOW” and 12 “ORANGE” marigolds of identical brands, variety, planting date and watering schedule.
  • Package lists typical growth at 10”-12” W and 10”-12” H
  • Orange Marigolds treated with Hedge Defense Plant Protectant once weekly for six weeks during
  • Yellow Marigolds untreated

Survival Rate:
YELLOW = 63.64%
ORANGE = 100%

TREATED = 133% increase in average plant size* & 368% increase in bloom
count (only living plants used in size and bloom comparisons)
*Compared to untreated plants